Xtensa L106 Architecture

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1 Overview


  • Small, low power 32-bit RISC controller core, Xtensa ISA
  • Cache-less processor with memory protection unit
  • 5-stage pipeline
  • Dhrystone 2.1: 1.22 DMIPS/MHz
  • 24/16-bit ISA with modeless switching
  • Iterative 32x32 multiplier
  • Separate instruction and data memory interfaces
  • Integrated interrupt controller with 15 interrupts at 2 priority levels
  • 32-bit ALU
  • 16 GPRs

2 Xtensa ISA

The Xtensa instruction set is designed to meet the diverse requirements of dataplane processing.

This 32-bit architecture features a compact 16- and 24-bit instruction set with modeless switching for maximum power efficiency and performance.

The base instruction set has 80 RISC instructions and includes a 32-bit ALU, up to 64 general-purpose 32-bit registers, and six special-purpose registers.

Using this instruction set, you can expect significant code size reductions that result in higher code density and better power dissipation.

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